October 2020 Reopening: What To Expect

Worship at Hucknall Central Methodist Church

I just thought it would be an idea to let you know ahead of time what to expect at Hucknall Central Methodist Church when we open up for worship on Sunday 4th October. For some of you this is familiar, for others it may all be very new.

All of the government guidelines will be observed. These are displayed via a series of posters on the windows as you enter church, on the notice boards and in the toilets.

  • Do not enter the building if you have any  symptoms
  • Maintain 2m social distance
  • Sanitise your hands
  • Wear a face mask (unless medically exempt)
  • Track and Trace (you will have to book in advance)
  • Clean as we go (especially in toilet areas)

Social distancing will be in place outside and inside the church so we ask you to wait outside at 2m intervals until you are invited to move into the church. You will then be escorted through the process.

As you will need to book beforehand in order to attend worship during the month of October,  please contact Jill Daft to book a slot on  0115 953 9545. This means we will already have your track and track details so this will simply require ‘a tick’ when entering the building to say that you attended. Bookings will only be available from the Thursday before worship until noon on Saturday, the day before worship. You cannot block book in advance.  Our numbers including those facilitating worship i.e., preacher, musician, stewards and sound desk operator are limited to 30. Should we be oversubscribed there is the possibility of a mid week service. 

You will be asked to sanitise your hands as you enter and leave the church using the new automatic dispensers located in the entrance to the church, and again just as you exit from the worship.  You will also need a wear a face mask/ covering unless medically exempt.

There will be an opportunity to give your offering just as you enter the worship area. This will be acknowledged during the worship itself but not brought forward to prevent cross infection.

The chairs in the worship area have been socially distanced for individuals, couples and family groups. We will attempt to fill up the seats from the farthest side first. Once seated please do not get up and wander round to chat to others. Even though we might not have seen each other for a while we need to keep our distance, especially indoors

What will worship itself be like?

  • The service will last approx 40 mins. Currently there is no provision for Junior Church.
  • There will be no hymn books, bibles, notices etc available due to hygiene issues. Depending on who is leading worship the screen / projector will be utilised as normal
  • There is currently no singing allowed in Methodist Churches (you will be allowed to hum along to any songs / hymns/ pieces of music that are used)
  • You will be invited to respond ‘quietly’ during prayers and to say the Lord’s prayer together
  • Due to the current restrictions, the service will not be like it has perhaps been before. However we hope it will be a time to encounter God, perhaps through more reflective moments together with space for silence, thought and prayer
  • If communion is offered, this will only have been handled by one person (on our opening Sunday this will be Rev John) using the strictest hygiene conditions and following current Methodist Church guidelines. If you do not wish to consume the bread and wine during the worship that is perfectly fine.
  • Once worship has finished, you will be invited to leave the church building in a staggered order. The stewards will facilitate this. There will be no refreshments after the service. Please sanitise your hands on the way out and try not to loiter in the foyer or entrance leading from the church. There will be a temptation to linger and chat outside of the church once worship has ended. At the current time the Methodist Church is advising against this to prevent spread of infection.

If you have any questions please contact Rev John Wiseman on his usual number. If you need to contact John after 9pm on Thursday 1st Oct then either contact him by email or ring him on this other number 01629 584858.

Be assured we are trying to combine your safety with an opportunity to worship. We have undertaken extensive Covid 19 / building risk assessments as required by the government and Methodist Church in order to be able to open for worship. We simply ask that you play your part in keeping yourself and each other safe.    

 There is no pressure or obligation for anyone to feel they have to return if they are not ready. All of the Home worship materials and Zoom services will continue.                                              

Rev John Wiseman, 28th Sept.

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