Forthcoming Dates

For forthcoming events related to the Nottingham City Pioneer Project, please see their newsletter.

There will be a Coronation Quiz and sausages at Central at 6pm on 13th May

On 20th May, 10am-12noon, at Nuthall Methodist Church, there will be a Christian Aid Coffee Morning, featuring lots of stalls (tombola, books, bacon cobs, tea/coffee, cakes, bric-a-brac, games, children’s tombola, cards guess the name of the bear)

On 28th May, 4pm, at Calverton Methodist Church, please join us in our outdoor circuit service for a time of worship and fellowship as we celebrate Pentecost together…please dress accordingly and bring a chair! For more information, contact

On 11th June, 6pm, at Nuthall Methodist Church, there will be a Circuit Accreditation Service. This service will be a change to recognise the admission of Marc Williamson as a Local Preacher, and for other Local Preachers to reaffirm their calling. For more information, contact

On 22nd July, 3pm, at Bestwood Park Church, there will be a service of thanksgiving for the ministries of Andrew Charlesworth, Yanyan Case, and Jenny Jones in our circuit, and of prayer and blessings for the next stage of their journeys. For more information, contact

We will have our next Building Connections event on 13th May, 2-3.30pm. This is a family orientated building club that takes places at Hucknall Central. Families are invited to come and spend 90 minutes engaged in a whole host of activities that involve building…building structures, building friendships, building connections and building faith. As well as the standard Lego / Blox / Duplo there will be a whole host of other things for people to try….Clics, Zoobs, Magnets, Wammy, Hexiflex, Sticklebricks, Octagons, Texo, Straws, Polydrons, Perpetual puzzles and K’nex. If you have no idea what these things are…..great, come along and discover all about them.

A 31-day challenge linked to The Methodist Way Of Life ran throughout January 2022 on the Methodist Facebook page. Details of The Methodist Way of Life can be found at

People were able to attend Central to walk in the Labyrinth in our worship area on Monday 1st & Tuesday 2nd November 2021. This was linked to COP26 Climate Change Summit.

Central’s Harvest Festival Service took place on Sunday 26th September 2021 at 10.30am.

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