Foodbank Christmas Countdown 2022

Three holly leaves with three crones vector illustration | Free SVG

Each day add another item from the list below, and then bring it along to church for our collection on Sunday 4th December

7th Nov: A strong large Bag for Life

8th Nov: A tin of vegetables

9th Nov: A tin of potatoes

10th Nov: A tin of tomatoes

11th Nov: A tin of beans

12th Nov: A tin of fish

13th Nov: A tin of meat

14th Nov: A jar of cream-based pasta sauce

15th Nov: A jar of tomato-based pasta sauce

16th Nov: A packet of pasta or spaghetti hoops

17th Nov: A packet of rice

18th Nov: A tin of soup

19th Nov: A box of cereal

20th Nov: A jar of jam or spread

21st Nov: A tin of fruit

22nd Nov: A tin or packet of custard

23rd Nov: A tin of rice pudding

24th Nov: A tin or packet of pudding

25th Nov: A packet of biscuits

26th Nov: A box or packet of teabags

27th Nov: A jar of coffee

28th Nov: A carton of long-life/UHT milk

29th Nov: A carton of fruit juice

30th Nov: A bottle of squash/cordial

1st Dec: A toiletry (deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo, etc.)

2nd Dec: A bottle of washing up liquid or washing-up sponges

3rd Dec: A roll of kitchen roll, cling-film or tinfoil

4th Dec: A Christmas treat, like chocolate or sweets

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